About us

Formed in 2009 MyUtilityGenius Limited is the first UK based energy consulting business to develop and employ the tools, capabilities and skills necessary to provide high quality energy procurement and energy management services across the consumption spectrum. From the high end corporate clients, through mid-cap organisations and SME businesses right the way over to an individual domestic user in their home, MyUtilityGenius delivers innovative solutions and services. The business is built around operational efficiencies, systemised processes and leveraging both resources and knowledge. We believe that if one sets a business up correctly and focuses upon adding demonstrable value then long term relationships with customers can be established and the consultancy business becomes an extension of the customer’s in-house capabilities. To that end we have recruited some of the best, most experienced people in the energy industry and allied their knowledge and capabilities with skills from the world of IT and web development, Business Process Outsourcing and customer service. Our management team has a wealth of experience in risk management within the energy commodity markets; energy asset finance; domestic energy market switching and communications; customer services in financial products; and cutting edge system development. There is no silver bullet that will halt the inexorable rise of energy costs to businesses and households. Rather there are a range of tools to be deployed when considering how to pay less for energy. These tools, at a high level, involve buying it better; using less of it; and generating it yourself. MyUtilityGenius are set up to help you deliver in all three areas; whether through our own in-house capabilities or through strategic alliances where we tap into best-of-breed solution providers. We believe that the diversity of our customer base makes us particularly well suited to understanding the multi-faceted nature of customer requirements in the energy space; and then adapting our style, service offering and engagement level to suit that customer’s needs.