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Administrative Solutions

MyUtilityGenius provides each client with a lead partner, dedicated account manager and data analyst. The client team will handle all energy related matters. This provides clients with a fully outsourced energy solution, saving you time and money.



10 key areas where we can provide expert services and advice:

1. Invoice Validation

MyUtilityGenius has a strong presence in the multi-site market and as such we need to be able to deliver invoice validation services to any of our portfolio customers that require us to be able to support them in this space. Invoice validation is a service that can extend from a simple first bill check to confirm contracted rates have been correctly applied in the supplier’s systems through to root and branch checks that cross reference metering information, site information, tariff information and payments information. Such comprehensive services can then be augmented with financial planning packages and, where smart metered or HH metered information is available, consumption evaluation reports and tools.

2. New installations, connections, smart meters and sub meters

For clients that require new meters installed or connected MyUtilityGenius contacts the DNO and work with their personnel and those of any separate MOP’s to ensure asset installation and go live. To that end we can project manage any infrastructure work required (including quote management and efficient construction work). For multi-tenant clients we provide various partnership offerings in terms of asset types, installation, financing and data collection. This can extend to formalised tendering of MOP DC/DA agreements for the largest of portfolios.

3. Interface and issue handling with energy suppliers

MyUtilityGenius will handle all communication and issues with the contracted energy companies.

This involves chasing bills, updating meter reads and resolving any issues that you may experience. Our highly valued relationships enable us to resolve issues quickly and efficiently to ensure you experience no energy related problems

4. Credit management and cost mitigation

MyUtilityGenius have deep relationships in place backed by a buying base which generates influence and clout and which therefore enhances the prospects of credit challenged businesses obtaining market competitive contracts without deposits, letters of credit or parent company guarantees. This enables cash flow to be retained while also benefiting from traded energy contracts. Where credit is a block on obtaining the best or most favourable deal MyUtilityGenius have the experience of negotiating credit terms and a thorough understanding of how suppliers and their credit insurers (such as Atradius or EulerHermes) value and measure credit risk.

5. Historical bill reduction and rebates

Where specifically appointed, and assuming the customer can provide the necessary backdated billing, MyUtilityGenius will look at all historical billing for our clients to isolate and challenge incorrect billing information and therefore amounts; particularly as these errors pertain to the incorrect application of both contract rates and pass through charge rates. This type of exercise is almost exclusively undertaken on a contingency basis so there are no consulting fees upfront. All refunds are vigorously pursued and, dependent upon the nature of the error, we can reclaim up to 7 years refunds.

6. Change of tenancy and backdated billing

MyUtilityGenius manage large clients that often have a rotating portfolio, with sites sold and new sites purchased. Where a customer seeks our specific services as these pertain to COT’s, MyUtilityGenius’s expert team of professionals can take over and  handle all change of tenancy activities relating to the energy supply.

 7. Recharging policy to tenants

As part of the service offering to some corporate clients, MyUtilityGenius can establish and pay bills or charge tenants through the use of ESCROW accounts. This can assist with the recharging of communal areas, the maintenance of a private distribution network or the simple recharging to tenants via sub meters. Similarly the ESCROW account can be used to pay bills for a portfolio where bill validation services are being provided.

8. Available capacity reductions and changes in profile class

Our team will analyse the supply capacity of each site to ensure the KVA level is not set too high. In conjunction with our customers we will determine an appropriate level that doesn’t expose the customer to the risk of capacity shortfall for future plans and then enact the changes with the DNO. Similarly we will undertake an analysis of the profile classes and undertake the processes to change these where commercially advantageous to do so.

9. Energy

MyUtilityGenius works with large retail chains and groups to produce energy procurement and risk management manuals that are available to the appropriate staff with in the customer’s ranks. MyUtilityGenius also have training schemes, workshops and classes available to help further up-skill your staff and reduce the risks associated with any overreliance on external support. We feel that a better informed customer makes for a better partnership; and this involves an appropriate level of knowledge transfer.

10. Employee engagement models for sourcing domestic pricing and group deals

One of the many benefits of dealing with MyUtilityGenius is the fact that, as a sister company to MyUtilityGenius, we are extremely well placed to deliver domestic solutions to your stakeholder base – especially your employees. We will take delivery of bills; initiate an accurate, data appropriate comparison on their behalf and then provide you and the employee with both the results and the means to complete the domestic switch. The support extends beyond the switch, to a personalised contact they can deal with regarding their corporate supported switch