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Carbon management and sustainability

Climate change is a growing concern. Aiming for a low carbon economy is good for the environment, can reduce your costs and improve your profitability. If your company badly manages its carbon and sustainability, you can face increased taxes, penalties and lose revenue.

Indeed, if the Carbon Disclosure Project and the GHG Protocol keeps gaining momentum then Scopes 2 and 3 will soon mean a far more rigorous carbon reporting suite of obligations than exist right now – even accounting for the EECRC (Energy Efficiency Carbon Reduction Commitment). Already the protocol has 385 signatory investors with over $57trillion under management. That’s real corporate clout.

Our activities support a whole range of carbon and sustainability management services:

  1. Carbon Footprinting: A Carbon Management Strategy starts with a Carbon footprint measurement
  2. Legislation and compliance (CRC EEC, CCL…): If badly managed, your company can face increased taxes, penalties and lose revenue
  3. Carbon trading (EU ETS, offsetting): We can support you in the trading and risk management of carbon
  4. Carbon Labelling: Improve your transparency and your marketing message
  5. Understanding and isolating Carbon through the supply chain including tools for a customer’s employees and their own customers to better understand their own personal carbon impact in the home and on the move.

The MyUtilityGenius CRC Service

Man with a watering canMyUtilityGenius group can be your unique point of contact for your company’s carbon management and sustainability needs.

MyUtilityGenius also has the expertise in providing advice and project management for buying power through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s), and retained expertise in supporting the investigation of Renewable Energy Schemes. Contact us today and speak to our carbon management consultants.


CCL: The Climate Change Levy is a tax on the use of energy in industry, commerce and the public sector. All revenue raised through the levy is recycled back to business through a 0.3 percentage point cut in employers’ national insurance contributions, introduced at the same time as the levy, and support for energy efficiency and low carbon technologies.

EE CRC: The CRC is a mandatory scheme aimed at improving energy efficiency and cutting emissions in large public and private sector organisations.

EU ETS: The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme was created in 2005. It is a large carbon emissions trading scheme to tackle climate change and takes a major role in the EU climate policy