Energy procurement can be a complex task. With our significant buying power and deep long term experience we are able to deliver results, product functionality and prices that are simply unavailable to many businesses or individuals in an isolated market foray. We deliver understanding and context with the contracts we secure for you as well […]

Risk management is a discipline; and it is extremely important that it is practiced diligently the moment that a business takes the decision to move away from the traditional fixed price approach to the market. Flexible contracts deliver better risk management tools, more transparency and an improved ability to manage volatility over the medium to […]

Climate change is a growing concern. Aiming for a low carbon economy is good for the environment, can reduce your costs and improve your profitability. If your company badly manages its carbon and sustainability, you can face increased taxes, penalties and lose revenue. Indeed, if the Carbon Disclosure Project and the GHG Protocol keeps gaining […]

MyUtilityGenius provides each client with a lead partner, dedicated account manager and data analyst. The client team will handle all energy related matters. This provides clients with a fully outsourced energy solution, saving you time and money.     10 key areas where we can provide expert services and advice: 1. Invoice Validation MyUtilityGenius has […]

  MyUtilityGenius host a series of seminars and training events across the UK. These events aim to inform organisations about energy costs, administrative energy solutions, energy efficiency and compliance and regulation. Click here to view our events