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Management of Complex frameworks

A core part of our proposition hinges round our basket products; which in turn are simply a means of scaling up a customer’s ability to manage their energy risks in much the same way as a supply company would. In other words baskets equalise the playing field.

However just because you are now playing football in the premiership; it doesn’t follow that you will be able to win any matches. Managing risk, like managing a football team, is often a function of the personnel and the systems at play. If you don’t have the right team and if they don’t have both a game plan and experience then your stay in the premier league is likely to be shortlived. Spirit, a can do attitude and plenty of pies in the stands cannot make up for mediocre players and a mediocre manager.

You simply cannot run and control a basket with inexperienced people and systems; nor with methodologies that are ill equipped for the purpose of managing a complex commodity market. MyUtilityGenius has the experience, the skills and the wherewithal to deliver in this respect. With FSA authorisation pending the business is set-up on a risk management approach that other businesses of its size are simply not interested or capable of replicating.

Our experience of tendering and managing the Church of England framework agreements for both gas and electricity; as well as our experience on trading desks, management consultancies and in supply businesses means that we have the resources to deliver high quality results as well as the systems that can bring such success about.