MyUtilityGenius for BusinessWhy usOur Market leading domestic proposition takes your energy strategy to the next level

Our Market leading domestic proposition takes your energy strategy to the next level

MyUtilityGenius occupies a truly unique position in the market; being the only business capable of delivering energy sourcing and risk management services to the high end I&C markets; the SME markets and the domestic market.

Our capabilities in all three marketplaces give us both a better ability to deliver a truly holistic corporate solution that involves other stakeholders such as customers, employees and the SME supply chain; and an influence and access to decision makers and innovators in the supplier base that other businesses can only dream about. MyUtilityGenius is the only new domestic switching site to gain Consumer Focus accreditation in the last 2 years. We believe this is because we have, and we have demonstrated, the integrated and innovative proposition, systems and team (as well as investor confidence) that is needed to drive the complete sea change in how we envisage the domestic consumer engaging with energy contracts and pricing over the coming decade.

As corporate Britain gets pulled ever tighter into the carbon agenda driving the institutional investor market we see the need for a consultancy business and aggregator such as MyUtilityGenius to be able to not only deliver the best possible risk management services to its corporate clients but also for that business to be able to service either side of the stakeholder dividing line – supply chain integration as well as employee engagement.

It will no longer be enough for an energy consultant to say – “I secured you your energy contract”. The time is fast approaching when we will need to say “We have managed your energy risk, upstream and down, and we have provided the means for a long-term energy cost reduction programme to permeate your entire business footprint”