MyUtilityGenius Commercial is an energy consultancy that specialises in using its extensive knowledge of the energy sector to create software and IT solutions for suppliers, consumers and other key market participants.


Our objective is to be both a disruptive force and a leading light in using technology to reshape how suppliers and consumers engage with each other so that the energy industry can be at the forefront of a distributed and intelligence led revolution and not, as has so often been the case, a laggard in the slow lane. If we are to address Climate Change and the rising energy costs associated with it, then a data and technology led approach must be adopted to extract every kWh of efficiency from the system, the old ways simply won’t do the job.


Our London based team of Energy Consultants, Software Developers, Project managers, Data Base Experts and analysts have established a proven track record for delivering efficiency.
We partner with or consult for:
  • UK Domestic and Commercial Energy Suppliers
  • Energy System Facilitators
  • Regulators and government bodies
  • Energy Brokers
  • Affiliates
  • Management Consulting Organisations
  • End consumers large and small


MUGC stands alone in the energy consulting sphere when it comes to a roll call of the diversity and breadth of industry participants to which it provides services.
The company has the skills and expertise to deliver procurement solutions to a corner store; flexible contracts and baskets to a management consultancy; PPA evaluations to a water utility; Beta software consumer engagement portals for regulatory bodies; supplier enrolment white label solutions and trading and hedging support to exposed stakeholders of all stripes.

MUGC, as a result of the domestic comparison solutions its sister company MUGL delivers directly to households through affiliates and collective switching agencies’ is well placed to deliver complex commercial comparison portals and solutions. We take our energy expertise and marry this with the experience of designing a myriad of user experiences for domestic homeowners to innovate sophisticated yet user friendly comparison and switching channels for businesses.

MUGC has also established a reputation in the energy industry for the customer acquisition software as a service (SaaS) solutions that it provides to energy suppliers. We offer a range of innovative product solutions that give energy suppliers and affiliates tailored digital acquisition tools to facilitate customer decision making process for their energy. This has extended to the development of a suite of API services that enable partners to tailor their own journeys and drive brand consistency without compromising user experience or data accuracy.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to provide out-and-out energy consulting using a deep pool of diversified talent that has been on the side of the suppliers, the commercial (and domestic) energy buyers and the aggregators. MUGC’s deep industry knowledge makes us the perfect resource for energy consulting in the following areas:

  • Market risk exposure
  • Strategic Energy procurement
  • Contract tendering
  • Price and tariff positioning
  • The deployment of AI in energy

Please contact us to discuss how our services can help your business or identify possible synergies: sales@mugc.co.uk


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