The MyUtilityGenius contract tendering process aims to comply with your own procurement policies and processes, culminating in a full report presenting a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative evaluation of each offer!

Contract Tendering can be a time consuming and stressful process for your business and in a complicated, jargon filled industry it can be hard to know if you are getting the best deal. At MUGC we have years of experience within the utilities industry, this includes experience within Suppliers, Consultancy Businesses and Procurement. Using our experience, we are able to give your business the access to the best contracts in the market, and communicate the prices and details of that product in a clear and understandable manner.


Fixed Price Contracts reduce the risk of exposure to future market price increases once struck and enable budgets to be determined accurately at the start of a financial period. MUGC can provide fixed priced contracts for up to one, two and three years in advance.

MUGC have experience working with a wide range of suppliers and always seek the best Fixed Price Contract out there for your business. MUGC will conduct in depth analysis of both a quantitative and qualitative basis to compare all suppliers to ensure you contract with the supplier that is right for you.


Flexible Priced Contracts enable clients to separate the supplier selection and margin squeezing exercise; whereby the supplier specific fees and charges are established; from the actual purchase of energy using the wholesale market reference prices.

Flexible Priced Contracts allow businesses to take more ownership over their energy usage and benefit from being engaged in the wholesale market. Flexible Priced Contracts provide transparency over the fees that you will be paying for and allow your business to consider the level of risk appetite you have. Flexible Priced Contracts also offer further options for the management of non-commodity costs, in a complex market it is important to understand the components that make up your energy bill and what is the most appropriate charging methodology for your business.